Authentic powerful campaign – and cheap

Today I saw a campaign on the main street of La Paz. Many people stopped and read the message. I also saw many reading the flyer they’ve got in their hand or talking to campaign people. It was super simple and yet very visible and powerful. It will only last for a day, since the material – plain A4 and paper signs – will pass away. Some of the fences were filled with photos of missing girls, and in the trees faces looked down on you.

It was eye catching and the way it was made, was true to the message: “Stop child trafficking and girls, be aware of strangers”. Simple, a bit childish but still appealing to the target group, I guess.

Even with at simple budget – and manpower – you can reach out.

lapaz_kamptagne01   lapaz_kamptagne08   lapaz_kamptagne09

lapaz_kamptagne03   lapaz_kamptagne07   lapaz_kamptagne06

lapaz_kamptagne11   lapaz_kamptagne10   lapaz_kamptagne12

lapaz_kamptagne04   lapaz_kamptagne05

UNICEF assignment


This is really funny. I’m looking through some of my oldest work. And what do I find? A poster (out of a series of 6) that I made for UNICEF as a part of my master-project. Realizing that my best works mostly feature some people in need.