UN Women on Blockchain Tech

Event on how Blockchain Technology can support women and girls in humanitarian settings held by UN Women 

Client: UN Women HQ, New York

UN Women, in partnership with the UN Office of Information and Communications Technology and with the support of Innovation Norway, hosted a four-day simulation lab to explore cutting-edge solutions based on blockchain technologies that address challenges faced by women and girls in humanitarian settings.

Lysth’s task was to create a creative concept and develop the set design, that should change the look and fell of a ordinary office on 19 th floor into simulation lab, where the connection between women and blockchain was visualized.



The aim was to transform the 19th floor and create a stylistic refugee setting nd communicate “women and blockchain”. It was done by throwing a lot of blocks at the entrance and then let the guests enter a dark corridor with sound and smell, where they saw two women – on blocks – and saw their stories.


The next step was to enter a mingle room, with a stage and a wall filled with blockchain-blocks with women form refugee camps, that had not yet “aligned” (referring to blockchain miners simultaneous work, with the puzzle like solving of a block).


The Lab

After the mingle room the guests entered a portal and came into the extensive lab, where each of the different blokjchain providers had a private space to show their blockchain solution.


Left: The reference to the white tarp covered tents. Right: Photo of flip flops outside a room, and real flip flop places inside the room.

Inside the lab: a white maze

The room was completely covered in white tarp – a reference to tents in camps, seen at the entrance to the room – and there were only a few props added, like plastic bags covering the windows (so you would not be disturbed by the NY skyline), cheap jugs, laundry, mosquito nets ets.




After the lab

When people had tried the lab they got a chance to vote for the solution they liked the most.


Goodie block

And instead of a goodiebag they would of course get a goodie block.




Facts / Institution: UN Women, New York Design and concept: graphic designer Maiken Lyster Thonke, Lysth. Manufacturer: Team People/ Atomic.

Where? UN Women’s HQ, NYC

Photo credit on this page Maiken Lyster Thonke. Most photos used in the exhibition are from UN Women’s database and by photographer Ryan Brown.