World Urban Forum and Expo / Brazil / China

Graphic design for World Urban Forum 5 in Rio de Janeiro and EXPO in Shanghai
Client: UN HABITAT Nairobi

For the World Urban Forum 5, that was held in Rio in March 2010, I created an entire new interpretation on statistics. The theme was mainly development in poor urban areas. The design was shown in the UN-HABITAT exhibition area, and was a part of the solution for the UN HABITAT’s booth.


View of the different walls from the exhibition “houses”, click to enlarge and read

howmanyphysicians  mostwidlytransport  whogoestoschoolhowmuchisroadtransportused    largestsourcesofenergy

howmanychildrenmakeit  citiesatrisksealevelrise  co2emissionsprcapita

populationinmegacities  malnourishedurbanchildren  nonemployed

The graphics in use during UN-HABITATs World Uraban Forum 5 in Rio

shapeimage_13  IMG_0036  IMG_0556

Graphic design for Expo, Shanghai

And more graphics added for the United Nations pavilion at EXPO in Shanghai, 2010


The graphics in use at UN’s pavilion during EXPO in Shanghai

exop_4   exop_3   exop_2


Article from “urban World”, UN-HABITAT’s magazine, praising my work.

habitat blad_01 habitat blad13 habitat blad14 habitat blad15 habitat blad17

habitat blad13




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