EXPO / China

UN pavilion at EXPO, Shanghai

Client: UN-HABITAT / Kenya 



By reusing some of the elements from the exhibition in Rio, we created a interesting experience in a rather empty area where the audience so far had spent very little time. New topics were included since it was not only a UN-HABITAT exhibition, but the whole UN. Refugees, children and “how many people are living for under a dollar a day” were some of the new buildings.


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Read more about he graphic design here and the new info graphics that was created for the exhibition in China.



Facts / Institution: United Nations HABITAT office in Nairobi was responsible coordinating the UN pavilion. Design and concept: graphic designer Maiken Lyster Thonke, Lysth. Manufacturer: EXPO contractors.

Visitors? The Pavilion was visited by more than 2 million people during the six month.