UN-Habitat Arena at WUF11 / Poland

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UN-Habitat  Arena for the 11th World Urban Forum in Katowice

Client:UN-Habitat, Nairobi

Skærmbillede 2022-08-27 kl. 13.59.31
Skærmbillede 2022-08-27 kl. 13.47.42The UN-Habitat Arena is inspired by the theme of the World Urban Forum: Transforming our Cities for a Better Urban Future.
At the heart of all transformation is change, which begins with introspection – soul searching as we seek to make sense of our relationship with forces larger than us.
Transformative change starts with Me, then goes to You before exploring how we make sense of our relationship with the people closest to US. Learn about the people who make up your Community. Think about the spaces that we call home, and how, over time, the community has transformed space into place. Appreciate how these places give us our identity as citizens.

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In this exhibition, we want visitors to experience change from the personal to the collective. We invite you to immerse in five different ‘transformative’ moments. Explore and develop ideas that can change ME, YOU, US and the CITY. Contribute to the ripple effect. Share with us what you would do to make a better urban future!

Transforming ME

Meet yourself and refelct on your location in the city.


Different city related sounds start when somebody are entering the Transformer.

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Transforming YOU

Talk to another person. Ask them to share a personal story. Meet fellow citizens and lear about the positive change they are trying to create.

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Transforming US

Sit with other people and have conversations about transformation. While you observe urban landscapes and their current challenges, the world looks back at you.



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Transforming OUR COMMUNITY

Join the arena. Learn what is going on in various communities and locations to inspire change.

Contribute ideas to what you think your city needs, state your actions and commitments, your plans for your city and what you can do to positively transform it.

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Transforming OUR CITY

Let yourself be surrounded by Katowice. Connect with the city, go out and experience transformation, find out how the Sustainable Development Goals come to life in the city and find out about UN-Habitat’s contribution to the city’s transformation.

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The benches invited to sit facing each other or facing the world:


The ‘Community’ Transformer door on the side also led into a room which held all the tecnical instalation including translation boxes and pillars:

Folded A3 to tell more about the concept



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FOTOBUENOOpening of the event

Get an overview of the floor plan and the different Transformers in this video:

Facts / Organisaion: UN-Habiat, Nairobi. Idea and design: Maiken Lyster Thonke, Lysth. Manufacturer: MTP Grupa

Photo and video credit on this page  UN-Habitat and Maiken Lyster Thonke.